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Geschrieben von: Shady - 2018-01-27 22:20:54 Uhr


It’s my first time to write a feedback or a review online, but I wanted to let everyone know what happened today.

I am originally from Israel, and I live and study in Berlin. My german is not good yet but I’m working on it.
I went to Saturn in Mall of Berlin on January 26th 2018 around 1 PM, I was looking for a screen protector for my iPhone and I approached the first gentleman there and I said:
“Hallo, I’m looking for a iPhone X screen protector”.
The gentleman didn’t even bother to look at me and he kept looking at his computer screen and said in German.
“I don’t speak English, only Deutsch”.
and waved with his hand to me to go away and not bother him because simply he doesn’t speak english.
I told him politely, “Is this the way to deal with your customers?”
He said in English “That guy speak english”, pointing at his colleague.

I was really shocked and went to the other gentleman, and said:
“Hello, first I just want to tell you, your colleague refused to help me and said he doesn’t speak English ….”
he interrupted me and said:
“He doesn’t have to speak English”
I said “But your store is in the mall, and most people here are tourists and don’t speak German”
he replied “Yeah, but we are in Deutschland we speak Deutsch”.

I left the store feeling really bad after experiencing for the first time what racism is like.

I understand that some people don’t speak English.
But there’s a better way to tell customers to approach other colleagues if they need help.

If the first gentleman said (Even in Deutsch) “I don’t speak English, but my colleague over there does, please ask him for help”.
If he just said that I would be apologizing to him for not being able to understand or speak Deutsch.

In the other hand, how come Saturn hire people in their branch in the mall (where a big part of their customers are tourists) who don’t speak English.


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